Welcome to the Faculty of Additional Learning Needs

I am Haf Wildermuth the Additional Learning Needs Coordinator here at Ysgol Brynhyfryd. I organise provision for those students who have Additional Learning Needs. I have a friendly and helpful team:

  • Heather Lewis – Assistant ALCNO
  • Gwydion Ifan – HLTA
  • Lorraine Catantia – HLTA
  • Edyta Kubow

  • Hazel Hudson
  • Lorna McHugh
  • Wendy Jones

Within our faculty, we have a nurture room for students to access during break and lunch time and some lessons.  The students are looking forward to welcoming a new bunny and fish to the team to keep Cwtch the hamster company. I am looking forward to hearing the students’ ideas for names.