Ysgol Brynhyfryd Celebrate Outstanding A Level Success

Students at Ysgol Brynhyfryd have good reason to be pleased as 100% have passed their A Levels with a
staggering 35% of all grades being awarded at A* and A, and 65% of grades at A*- B.
Headteacher Geraint Parry said “At last, the long wait and the sleepless nights are over and our students
can now look forward to the next exciting chapter in their life. They have worked incredibly hard and these
tremendous results are so very well deserved. Special thanks must go to the staff and parents of
Brynhyfryd who have tirelessly given their time and support over the past two years.
As our students now take up their University places across the country my message to them is explore,
innovate and most importantly “hold fast that which is good”.
Notable successes include:
· Matthew Reay achieved 4 A* grades
· Catrin Roulston achieved 3 A* and 1 A grades
· Head Girl Sian Baldry who achieved 2 A* and 2 A grades
· Emily Harrison and Eve Nelson achieved 1 A* and 3 A grades
· Megan Evans, Gwydion Davies, William Fellows, Phoebe Hughes achieved 4 A grades
· Elwy Lloyd achieved 1 A*, 2 A Grades and 1 B grade
· Gethin Williams achieved 3 A Grades and a B grade
Phoebe Hughes who achieved 4 A grades will now go on to the University of Manchester to study Dentistry
and said, “I still feel nervous, it doesn’t feel real, I’m very excited and it couldn’t have turned out better!
All the staff at Ysgol Brynhyfryd are so supportive and you know that there is more than one member of
staff ready to answer any questions or organise help for you when you need it!”
Gwydion Davies who achieved 4 A grades will now go on to the University of Liverpool to study Veterinary
Medicine and said, “I’m so excited, I didn’t expect this! I was worried all night and today I’m blown away!
I’d like to thank the teachers at Ysgol Brynhyfryd for being so helpful and taking the time to help us to
prepare for these exams – out of their own time too! The sixth form facilities are always open and
available and the staff are so supportive too! I can’t wait to get to University!”.
Megan Evans achieved 4 A grades in Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Welsh Baccalaureate and is “over the
moon” that she can now go to Cardiff University to study Medicine.
Sian Baldry is now off to the University of Manchester to study Medicine and is grateful to the teachers and
staff at Ysgol Brynhyfryd who were always on hand to help and “go out of their way to help you succeed!”
Very well done and congratulations to all of our A level student’s on their hard work and dedication over
the last 2 years and we wish them all the success in their future endeavours!
For more information please visit: www.ysgolbrynhyfryd.com

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